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Triskaidekaphobia: A Depiction of Humanity

The Onion recently joked that The Academy just makes up a list of names for sound editing and other categories that "people don't care about." I, however, surprised my family when I got extremely excited about a particular nominee in the Documentary category: indeed, 13th and its director Ava Duvernay, absolutely slaying the red carpet game even though she lost the statute to "O.J.: Made In America." An Oscar nom is a massive honor that was rightfully deserved for more reasons than one. However, one concept Duvernay depicted throughout her documentary that latched onto me deeply was about the humanity of people of color.

The beginning of the doc goes into detail about the *coughs in disgust and scowls* "classic" 1915 American film, The Birth of a Nation. The silent movie, based on Thomas Dixon Jr.'s novel and play The Clansmen, depicted black people like raping, pillaging, animalistic savages. As noted in 13th, The Birth of a Nation confirmed the …