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Sunday Brunch vs Nasty Chicken Fingers

“But what happened to doing tech theatre at NYU?” I desperately asked my friend Dani, after hearing she was no longer even planning to apply to her dream school. 

“That’s a really great dream for a someone who can afford 70k a year,” she replied. “But it can’t even be an option for me.”

My first reaction was disbelief. I couldn’t imagine my parents not supporting my passions financially. I’d attended lesson after masterclass after summer program to further my extracurriculars. The idea of my parents saying, “You can’t go, it’s just too expensive” was unknown to me.

“Have you looked at Tulane? I can totally picture you there and I’m sure you could stay with my sister if you went down to-”
“Gillian,” she cut me off. “I can’t afford to just jet down to New Orleans for the weekend like you can.”

This experience was the first step in my cycle of liberation, or my “waking up” as Bobbie Harro might put it. It became apparent to me that even within my own wealthy community, I was closer to …