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Forward March: Wickedly Ethical

Over the weekend, I saw Wicked for the fourth time (yes, I know) in New York with my boyfriend Mike. Every other time I’d seen the show, I was reminded of the magic of theatre and drawn in by whimsical costumes. But this time, I noticed something new: a complex conversation about this concept of truth. Different plot points stuck out to me like blaring CST sirens: Glinda proclaims to the Wizard that she’ll tell all of Oz that Elphaba is innocent, but the Wizard reminds her that everyone will only turn against her.

The Ozians are told by the powerful Wizard and Madame Marrable that everything Elphaba says is a lie. And so the people believe them. I was repeatedly reminded of a question that had stuck out to me since we began reading Enemy of the People: What good is truth without power? 
CST is absolutely the main source of my new noticings. I push myself to put every dilemma into a Paul and Elder context in order to find the most ethical solution. However, I think that the most impact…

What it means to leave Chicago (SAMO)

The screening began with a powerful slam poem by Rebirth Poetry Ensemble.
"Chicago is built on the concept of mopping with dirty water."

Poem by Rebirth Poetry Ensemble performing an original and award winning poem at the Logan Center for the Arts and University of Chicago. Filmed by me. 

The emotional poem filled me to the brim with feelings unknown to me. However, the performers  helped me to try and understand how they felt, and tears stung my eyes as they finished the poem: "Chicago is African Violence blooming in gun powder."

The poem was a perfect precursor to get the audience, a small mix of adults, teens, at least two babies, and UChicago students and professors, ready to hear an important discussion. The Promise of Peace Community Forum that my mom and I attended is part of a larger project with the same title that engages youth and adults in a variety of school-based and public programs including exhibitions, spoken word events, artist talks, and other event…