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A Lannister Always Pays His Debts

Aresearch based look into the concept of loopholes in the American economy. 

If I'm being honest here, 108 pages into Robert Reich's examination of the current state of America's capitalist economy Saving Capitalism, reading this book scares the crap out of me. The money, government, and's like a sad, inescapable iron triangle.

Speaking of iron, I've been reminded repeatedly of Games Of Thrones throughout reading. The Lannisters make a point of being both the most powerful AND the wealthiest family in all of Westeros. Even in a fantasy world, it is evident that the two are irrevocably tied together.

The Lannisters always seems to find a way out, or find a loophole if you will, similarly to many of the major corporations, banks, and firms in America. However, there is a common phrase: "A Lannister always pays his debts." Our Westerosi-American extended metaphor must now be broken -- these corporations will destroy anyone in their way and …

Seeds, Songs, and Being Scared: Intro to Saving Capitalism

Welcome to the start of CST Fourth Quarter here on Gillian Thinks Thoughts! It's been a long and exciting ride here, with different essays, posts about works we've studied in class, and of course, the SAMO's. Now, you'll be getting to follow a series of blogs focused on the book Saving Capitalism by Robert Reich, whose title is pretty self explanatory. This book, along with the four blogs, are part of a larger project we are completing in CST as our Semester 2 final, entitled Gallery of Conscience.

For this project, we were given the option of many different non-fiction books covering many different social themes, from prostitution to ableism to the environment to feminism. I chose to read Saving Capitalism for a couple of reasons. The first, and simplest is that when I asked Josh to be my partner, he replied "Yeah, but we have to do the capitalism book. I already bought it."

I guess if I had enough of a lack of interest in the book I would have worked on my …